5 Keys to Successfully Shipping Holiday Orders

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Give Advanced Notice on Inbound Freight

The holiday season is just as busy for manufacturers as it is for retailers, distributors and the families demanding those products. Every company out there is trying their best to get orders out the door, which creates challenges for warehouses and distributors, especially when inbound freight is due just in time. Capacity at the port and/or by trucking companies can make those tight holiday logistics deadlines even tighter. The key to avoiding problems in these areas is to make sure your logistics partners know exactly when and how goods are due in. You also need your warehouse to be familiar with the ports, freight forwarders and carriers to accomplish this successfully. At Orion, we have the experience, technology and organization to make sure your freight is handled in on time.

Be Good at EDI Compliance

EDI compliance has to be detailed and accurate year round, and this tenet is especially important during the holiday shipping season. Being prepared ahead of your shipments is a key to successfully completing these orders. EDI compliance on outbound inventory can be prepared in advance when your logistics partner is capable and experienced. Orion Logistics has a proven track record of being prepared to handle and conquer the holiday crunch.

A Lack of Human Resources Can Spoil the Holidays

Labor, space and time can be in short supply in the warehouse during the holidays. A lot of third-party logistics companies have issues with staff resources during the holidays. From much-anticipated vacation time to winter colds and flus, it’s tough to keep a full staff on-hand to keep the supply chain going. At Orion, we always have a full team that’s ready to get your orders to their destinations on-time, within budget, and fully compliant.

Quick Turnaround Times Equal Successful Shipments

If quick turnaround times are a challenge during the Spring and Summer, then chances are your orders will fall behind during the holidays. Orion Logistics navigates the warehousing and distribution channels with quickness and accuracy. Don’t let slow turnaround times ruin the most important shipments of the year.

Communication is Key

If you have a distribution emergency arise, who’s answering the phone at your third-party logistics company? If you’re not sure, you’re begging for disaster. If there’s one thing we’ve learned along the ways, it’s that problems will arise during the busiest time of year. They always do. Be prepared for data flow challenges by partnering with a logistics company that is readily available to tackle any problems that come up. Orion Logistics is owner-operated and responsive, meaning we are always able to address your concerns and quickly find a solution to any challenge.

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