Q4 Challenges Leading to a New Year Hangover?

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As the New Year starts, many manufacturers are realizing the effects of having sub-par vendors during the busy holiday season. As a manufacturer, you may be realizing missed opportunities in Q4, and feeling let down by your distribution center. Were you able to make all of your windows of opportunity for scheduling, shipping, and delivery?…

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Summertime Order Fulfillment Solutions Keeps Your Merchandise Moving

Summertime Order Fulfillment

While summertime is synonymous with vacations, it’s also a busy time for many online retailers. Sporting goods, camping and garden supply stores experience peak website orders during the summer months, and online apparel, shoes and office supply stores see the back-to-school rush every August. If you’re preparing for your peak sales season, sporting goods fulfillment…

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Another Successful Holiday Season For Orion

Holiday Success - Santa hat with gifts

Here at Orion, we are proud to say that through careful planning and execution, we made it through the holiday season with 100% delivery accuracy. Within this busy season, we are happy to report that all of our receivers came on schedule, and were EDI compliant. This was due to working with our customers to…

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Year End Inventory: Your Accuracy is About to be Tested

Warehouse Inventory

Accuracy Testing In The New Year A new year is kicking off, and while it may feel like the pressure of the holiday fulfillment season is over, as a manufacturer, this is a critical time to prove the accuracy of your inventory. Inventory is one of a manufacturer’s biggest assets. Accuracy testing can be a…

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5 Keys to Successfully Shipping Holiday Orders

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Give Advanced Notice on Inbound Freight The holiday season is just as busy for manufacturers as it is for retailers, distributors and the families demanding those products. Every company out there is trying their best to get orders out the door, which creates challenges for warehouses and distributors, especially when inbound freight is due just…

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