Q4 Challenges Leading to a New Year Hangover?

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As the New Year starts, many manufacturers are realizing the effects of having sub-par vendors during the busy holiday season. As a manufacturer, you may be realizing missed opportunities in Q4, and feeling let down by your distribution center. Were you able to make all of your windows of opportunity for scheduling, shipping, and delivery? If not, you are not alone. Here are some headaches manufacturers faced during the holiday season, and how at Orion, we help to prevent these issues, and improve your fulfillment process.

Inventory Management

For many manufacturers, preventable mistakes were made during Q4 due to poor planning by the distribution center. Substandard inventory management causes some of these common issues. Poorly planned inventory management can lead to missed shipment windows, resulting in manufacturers having to rely on shipping extensions. Worst-case scenario, poor inventory management can lead to losing track of orders, which can weaken customer relationships for Wholesalers.

Reporting Accuracy

To help ensure inventory is being managed properly, a documentation trail should be created. This can help to deal with, and identify any holes in your logistics process. Your logistics provider should be working with you to help avoid mistakes in the fulfillment process. This may include identifying open orders that should be closed, or helping calculate and record freight correctly. A documentation trail can also provide protection from erroneous chargebacks from retailers. At Orion, we understand how important this documentation is to protect your business. This is why we run an open order report twice a day, which is provided in real-time to our customers.

How Orion can cure your New Year hangover

At Orion, we work to provide the best logistics solutions for our customers. We provide coordination for all parts of the logistics channel. Our ability to accurately track, organize and prepare inventory means peace of mind for our customers. Orion prides itself in providing delivery accuracy, and EDI compliance for all our of customer’s fulfillment needs. Our customers have access to real-time inventory documentation via a secure website login. This attention to detail and accuracy can help cure your New Year logistics hangover. Orion’s 20+ years of experience, and impeccable track record set us apart from the competition. Contact us today to see how we can help improve your fulfillment process.

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