Updating Systems & Information Creates Better Inventory Management

Updating Systems and Information

An outdated warehouse system can create many challenges for manufacturers. These difficulties can include unorganized inventory control, and slow order fulfillment. Manufacturers can avoid this by using a logistics provider with sophisticated system and solid integration. By using a provider with an up-to-date warehouse system, companies are able to improve order processing times. This means that picking, packing, and inventory management become faster and more streamlined.

New System Upgrades at Orion

At Orion, we know that having the most effective inventory process is crucial for staying competitive. When you partner with Orion, you can be assured that the latest technology, and streamlined processes are being used to handle your inventory. Our entire warehouse has been equipped with WiFi (aka RF), which enables more efficiency in receiving goods and picking orders. We have also installed line-of-sight beams from one building to another, which helps keep the system active to the main server throughout multiple sites. Orion is currently looking to integrate Samsung Tablets, which will allow for inventory movement orders to be placed straight from a smart device. These developments help streamline the entire distribution process, saving you time and money.

How Orion’s Upgraded Systems Work With Your Staff

At Orion we know that the key to creating an efficient warehouse system is having a properly trained staff. We have recently worked with cross training client’s teams on our inventory
systems. We work to cross train employees within their specific category of work. Order pickers or selectors are trained to handle multiple clients. This enables your team to be involved in creating the most efficient and productive systems possible for your orders.

Partnering with Orion For Your Warehouse Needs

By investing in a world-class warehouse management system, Orion has created innovative solutions for your inventory management. We consider ourselves a small company with large heart. Our sophisticated warehouse system keeps us competitive with the world’s largest logistics companies. Contact us today to see how we can help improve your distribution services.

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